Fast forward a year

Wow.. It has been a year since my website was launched, and one must sincerely apologise for the silence. I am genuinely sorry. So much has happened in my life, which is part of life. I have been rather busy with work and family. Writing for DesiBlitz has also been exciting, and I am thrilled with the opportunity to be their Sex Help feature writer. My first article for them was ‘What you need to know about having a threesome‘, and the rest are history. See here for my articles.

Funny, isn’t it, how people love reading about sex and porn but yet are quick to judge the person writing. Writing is a skill not many have. So I shall take that as a sign of gratitude when readers stumble across my website and love to give their 10 pennies worth of a review. Negative or positive, thank you. Even constructive feedback is welcome.

So, what else has been happening in my world? The man I loved said ‘I loved him too much’ and that he didn’t want change’ really, I ask myself. Who does not want to be loved? Five years over just like that. It took me a long time to understand, but my darling love is love. Unconditional pure love it was. So here I am, single and loving myself.

So now tell me about you! Yes, my friends and readers. I want to know what you would like more of on my website. I need to be more consistent here, definitely, and again, I apologise for the silent break of a year! I was heartbroken, but I have risen now.

I actually would like to share, before I forget, some lush candles I purchased recently. Not just any candles, but these are sexy as fuck! They smell divine and are designed with the most disgustingly hot couples in every position unimaginable. One can even use them for wax play with their partners if you are into that. Take a peek at the Kama Maze Candles here.

For now, thank you all.


  1. Welcome back ❤️
    Really glad you’re back to doing what you’re really good at doing. Your ex even though you loved him is a bit of a plonker and there’s plenty more better and understanding men out there.

  2. The Queen is back ❤️… value your worth. His loss and in the end you will see, your gain. Cannot wait for more content and more insight. Speak your truth.

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